1350 Litre Plastic Heating Oil Tank - Single Skin

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Our 1350 litre plastic heating oil tank is manufactured from recyclable polyethylene, the 1350SL single skin tank from Tuffa, is fully weatherproof, maintenance free, easy-to-access and saves you time and trouble.

This 1350 litre Tuffa Tank has a 2” BSP fill connection complete with cap and chain, a built-in vent and a 1” bottom outlet. Each tank is fitted with a sealed inspection hatch, so access is easy, while a float level gauge gives you a clear indication of fuel level.

Corrosion resistant and UV stabilised, this tank is extremely durable and comes supplied with a tank pack containing a 1” -1/2” adaptor, ball valve and filter.


Includes :

  • 2″ Female BSP filling connection, complete with threaded cover
  • Breather
  • Inspection cover
  • 1″ BSP female threaded lower outlet
  • Float level gauge
  • Tank installation kit ( 1″ – 1/2″ converter, ball cock and strainer )

Tank Weight         ( kg )         75

Tank Capacity      ( litres )    1350

Tank Length         ( mm )      2060

Tank Width           ( mm )      670

Tank Height          ( mm )      1440

Construction                         Plastic



Height 1440mm
Length 2060mm
Width 670mm
Make Tuffa Tanks
Material Polyethylene
Model Single Skin
Size 1350 Litres
Finish Smooth
Brand Tuffa
Condition New