Chemical Tanks

Chemical Storage Tanks

If you are looking for chemical tanks, you have come to the right place. Our range of chemical storage tanks are integrally bunded, which creates a self contained unit. You can also choose extras such as gauge systems, access ladders, platforms and protection barriers. As one of the top manufacturers of chemical tanks in the UK, we have everything you need to store chemicals safely. They work well for a variety of chemical and water treatments, and are fully tested. Our chemical tanks are ideal for pesticides and biocidal products. This includes fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, plant growth regulators, rodenticides, animal and bird repellents, wood and masonry preservatives, disinfectants and anti-fouling products. You can also use them for storing animal by-products, pharmaceutical, foodstuffs, agricultural, oils, waste, water industries and more.

Our chemical tanks are suitable for a range of different chemicals including AdBlue, de-icer, antifreeze and sodium hypochlorite. We will look at the compatibility of our chemical tanks with each individual chemical upon enquiry, as the concentration of the chemical is taken into account.

Most of the main chemical suppliers offer guidelines in regards to the safe storage and handling of their chemicals, and we work closely with these companies to ensure our chemical tanks meet the recommendations. We standardise our designs around the economical use of materials, which means our manufacturing costs are minimised as much as possible.

All of our chemical tanks come in black as standard, but we do have other colour options available upon request. There are a number of benefits that come with choosing a chemical tank from our bunded chemical tank range.

● Our chemical tanks are designed, manufactured and tested in-house.

● Our chemical tanks are integrally bunded, which means they are a self contained solution for anyone looking to store chemicals safely.

● Our chemical tanks are suitable for larger capacity requirements.

● They are durable and practice, thanks to being moulded in one piece.

● All fittings and connections are high quality, which creates a full storage solution.

● There are many option extras to choose from.

● We can offer bespoke chemical tanks if you have unique requirements.

Storing Chemicals in Chemical Tanks

It’s important to know how to correctly store chemicals in chemical tanks. It’s a good idea to have an impermeable secondary containment area that will hold liquids, in case of the main chemical tank leaking or breaking. This could be a bund, a bunded pallet, spill pallets, sump pallets, bunded storage units and storage cabinets. If you have an oil storage contained in a bund, the bund should be able to hold 110% of its volume. If you have more than one container the bund must be able to hold at least 110% of the largest container or 25% of the total volume you are storing, whichever is the greater of the two. We offer a number of high quality bunded tanks to help in the event of spills or leaks.

Maintaining Chemical Storage Areas

● Always cover storage areas wherever possible, as this avoids rainwater collecting.

● Inspect bunds regularly.

● Remove any rainwater. If the water is contaminated, you may need to get rid of it as hazardous waste.

● Place storage tanks far away from drains and watercourse.

● Consider installing a leakage detection device to highlight any overfilling or leaking.

● Always lock storage tanks when not in use, as this prevents unauthorised access and reduces the chances of vandalism.

Label all tanks with their contents and storage capacity, this prevents incorrect filling and overfilling.