Petrol Tanks

Petrol Storage Tanks

We have a wide range of petrol storage tanks for you to choose from, ranging from 975 litres to 3,000 litres. We also provide larger petrol storage tanks on request. All of our petrol storage tanks are fireproofed and above ground. There’s a smaller caddy unit which allows you to fill up at a local petrol station and buy large quantities of petrol, as jerry cans are relatively small. With this unit, gravity fed tanker delivery is available and it’s also fitted with a fire proofing system. You can find both petrol dispensers and petrol browsers with us, which means we are able to accommodate any customer requirements. When it comes to safe and legal petrol storage, we have you covered.

With our petrol storage tanks, you can store petrol on site that’s delivered by tanker. This means you avoid the hazard of collecting petrol in cans from a petrol station. Our petrol storage tanks are bunded, fire proofed, safe, legal, secure and offer easy fuel metering.

Our petrol storage tanks are suitable for any industry including tool hire shops, scrap yards, race courses, golf courses, construction, sports centres, country estates and more. We have a wide range of above ground fireproofed petroleum storage tanks, ranging from 216 litres in capacity to 3,000 litres.

Choosing The Right Size Petrol Storage Tank

It’s always a good idea to buy the maximum capacity tank you can, as this reduces the number of times you need to refill it. It also reduces the chances of you running out of petrol.

Petrol Storage Tank Guarantee

All of our petrol storage tanks come with a 10 year guarantee on the inner tank and bund, and other parts come with a one year guarantee. With regular maintenance and a service maintenance package, you can boost the lifespan of a petrol storage tank.

Petrol Storage Tank Delivery

Our petrol storage tanks are built to order, which means bespoke options are available. We can deliver to any site in the UK or abroad, or you can collect the petrol storage tank from a factory in Uttoxeter. Currently, build times are between 8 to 10 weeks.

Requirements and Regulations for Petrol Storage

If you want to store and procure petrol in the UK, you need to have a petroleum certificate from your local authority petroleum officer. This is because petrol storage and procurement is regulated in the UK. It’s usually best to contact the petroleum officer before going ahead and buying a petrol storage tank, as the process can vary by location. You should:

● Have a 2D drawing of the desired petrol storage tank to show.

● Have a site drawing of where the tank will be located in relation to its surroundings, showing any buildings or boundaries. Hazards should also be highlighted.

● Have a petrol storage tank specification and submit it alongside the site drawing to the petroleum officer.

● Arrange a site visit for the desired petrol storage tank location should the petroleum officer request it.

● Once the tank has arrived and is in position, arrange for another site visit and drop test should the petroleum office require it.

● If the petroleum officer deems everything okay, you will be given a petroleum certificate and this will allow you to purchase the agreed amount of petrol.

Petrol Storage Tank Record Keeping