Waste Water Tanks

Waste Water Storage Tanks

If you are looking for the perfect solution for storing water that’s laden with contaminants, look no further than our waste water tanks. Our waste water tanks are ideal for both industrial and domestic use, and they even work well for storing harmful chemicals. Whether you have by products or standard water to store, you can rely on a high quality waste water tank.

As well as standard waste water tanks, we stock effluent tanks. These are tanks that have been designed to fit perfectly under portable cabins, something that many standard waste water tanks are not able to do. Our waste water tanks range in capacity from 1,350 litres to 15,000 litres, whereas our effluent tank is 2,300 litres. If you need a higher capacity, we can link multiple waste water tanks together. If you need a waste water tank with a capacity of 80,000 litres, simply interlink four of our 20,000 litre waste water tanks together.

Different Types of Waste Water Tanks

If you know anything about waste water, you will know that there are different types. Luckily, our waste water tanks are able to handle everything.

● Industrial Waste Water - This is produced as a by product of many industrial processes and can be stored in waste water tanks. It’s often a source of pollution, due to its contamination with harmful chemicals. This is why storage is key.

● Domestic Waste Water - This is produced from domestic properties and is often referred to as sewage. It can be split up into Black Water and Grey Water. Black Water is water that is contaminated with human waste. Grey Water is another type of waste water, such as water from dishwashers and showers.

Waste Water Tank Guarantee

Every single one of our waste water tanks comes with a 10 year guarantee when registered, as standard. We also offer a one year guarantee on ancillary goods and a three month warranty on hoses.

Waste Water Tank Delivery

Our waste water tanks are built to order and they can be delivered to any site in the UK or elsewhere. You can also collect waste water tanks from our factory in Uttoxeter. Currently, our plastic stock waste water tanks are available with next day delivery. Simply contact us to find out more about stock levels.

Small Standard Tanks (up to 2500 litres): 7-10 days

Large Standard Tanks (over 2500 litres): 2-3 weeks

Our Waste Water Tank Design

It’s hard to beat the design of our waste water tanks. They are all made from recyclable polyethylene, are corrosion resistant, durable, weatherproof, UV stabilised and do not require much maintenance. Our waste water tanks are manufactured to ensure maximum wall thickness at the base.